I am guilty of preaching things and not always practicing what I preach. I talk all the time about putting work and life into priorities. I talk about getting all of your business done before you walk through that door at home and give yourself to your family and loved ones. I thought I was doing this but was not. Many times we get lost in trying to save the world that we forget about the world that is right within our reach.

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I was going to delete a lot of social media from my phone and would not check my email or Facebook unless I am at work. There are always exceptions to the rule but abstinence is the goal. I have felt a sense of freedom and connection to the real world that I never fell in the cyber world. There is a huge relief in telling yourself you are unplugged and untethered. I have had actual dialogue with my wife while looking into each others eyes and not glancing down at the phone. No one is more important than the person in front of you speaking. When you look down at your phone when you are speaking to someone you have just disrespected them and made them feel like they aren't as important as that smiley face emoji you just received. I will not be guilty of this any longer.

I find the less plugged in I am that more I am plugged into what really matters and fills me. I apologize to my family and all those I have seemed to ignore while buried in something that seems to be more important but really isn't. There is a beautiful world with beautiful people in it and I want to be with them in person. If you need me...call me. Talking is a good thing.

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