Hi there, I'm Shelby and I am single. As a single person, I never get to play along with those cute Loveland valentines that go up all over town this time of the year. 

Google Maps/Canva.com
Google Maps/Canva.com

(You know, these ones.) They're very sweet and unique and it's adorable that Loveland does it -- but I'm also notoriously bitter.

Well, I'm tired of feeling left out, so I contacted Thompson Valley Rotary President, Eric Weedin, and asked him how single people like myself can get in on this. Singles of Northern Colorado, you're welcome.


Shelby: Hey, Eric. This time of the year can get a little lonely, so can single people use the Loveland Valentines to advertise? Maybe my phone number, say... on Eisenhower where there is a lot of traffic? Asking for a friend.

Eric: For a friend, of course... Well, typically we've had people purchase to express their love, but I don't know why we shouldn't encourage those looking for love... I would encourage you to place the heart in the neighborhood appropriate to your love interests.

S: Oh, love, OK. So one that has an ex's name on it with 'I never loved you anyway' -- probably not going to get approved?

E: Maybe if we could keep it in the theme, 'Broken-hearted, Shelby.' We can't put one up with too negative a theme!

S: Sure, I get that. Do you think it's too soon for me to get one for the guy I just matched on Tinder?

E: How about, 'I'd swipe right for you.' You could leave it vague.

S: You're right. Don't want to scare him off. 'Swipe right 4U.' I like it.

E: That's probably the appropriate level of commitment for a Tinder hookup.

S: Good call, Eric. How about 'SHELBY + PIZZA 5EVER'?


E: Yes, that would likely be fine! I hope the Tinder hookups are safe as well. I don't think we want to put up hearts like, 'RU Baby Daddy, call (970)555-1212' or worse...

(ha....ha, Eric.)

S: That looks like a phone number from my old Mystery Date game. Never really had luck with that either.


E: As long as it was 25 characters or less. Self love is still love, right?

S: Amen! I can delete some vwls.

E: Clever spellings are usually a hit. Except with old English professors.

S: I guess none of them will be calling me.

E: Those issues are best sorted out in a place with less traffic.

S: Any other suggestions for local singles who want to get in on the Loveland valentine tradition?

E: You could use it to start a singles group. 'RU Single? Verboten, Tues. at 9.'

Or you could maybe participate in the Valentine re-mailing program. Send random Valentines.


So... see everyone Tuesday at Verboten, 9 p.m., yeah? Thanks, Eric. If you want to buy a Loveland valentine this year (either for your special someone, yourself, pizza or an old English professor), get one now, as they are going quickly. Visit Thompson Valley Rotary's website to order yours.

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