We are some unpredictable creatures us humans are. We can look at the same thing and have different names for it. I can look at my mom's sister and call her my aunt while another looks at their mom's sister and calls her an 'ant'. Some will look at a cold carbonated non-alcoholic beverage and call it a soda while another may call it a pop and yet another may call it simply a Coke. It all depends on where you were raised I guess.

I grew up calling it pop and then at some point in my life I started calling it soda. Maybe soda just sounded more mature to me. I have no idea, but it is always refereed to as soda to me now. How about you? Are you a soda person or a pop person or do you have your own name that I haven't heard yet like 'burping fuel'? I like that one. Vote here and raise your soda pop coke burping fuel high.

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