This is one of my favorite 'holidays' of the year. There are some odd observances out there. It seems like we have everything from root beer lovers day to ferret appreciation today but today is a big one. Today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day! Where would we be without bubble wrap? It is not only great for packing and protecting our belongings, it is also great fun to play with.

I love bubble wrap and so does just about every human and animal on the planet. There are few things as joyful as setting a sheet of big bubbled bubble wrap on the floor and having the whole family jump around on it. We have bubble wrap pop offs all the time at work and Susan once even received a jacket made entirely of bubble wrap to try to keep her safe.

There have been many uses for bubble wrap and the slightly warped minds of the people in these videos have come up some that I would have never imagined. There is everything from bubble wrap jousting to sumo wrestling to a bubble wrap popping bicycle. Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Pop off and have some fun.

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