I have always had a close connection to John Anderson music because of my son. When my boy Nick was just a youngster he was in love with the song Seminole Wind. I remember he would call me when I was on the air and asked if I could play it. Hearing his little voice say "Seminole Wind" was just so cute. I still get a little teared up when I hear it because it takes me back to that time. The power of music is amazing.

John had one of the biggest comebacks in the history of country music when he released that album in 92. "Straight Tequila Night", "When It Comes To You", "Money In The Bank" and other big hits followed. John and his buddy Tracy Lawrence will be bringing their show to the UCCC in Greeley on Saturday. It is going to be a great night of real country music. Hope to see you there. Here is some classic John to get you in the mood.