It reads like an old western minus the gunfight, Larimer County Sheriff's Deputies have sent a group of suspicious gypsies packing. You can almost see John Wayne standing at the edge of town with his arms across his chest saying, there ain't no room for you in this town, Pilgrim, so get on your 'horse' and ride away!

Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith-Facebook
Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith-Facebook

According to the latest update on the Larimer County Sheriff's Facebook page the deputies had learned of "European Gypsies" canvassing the area. Reports had been made that this group of alleged Gypsies were traveling in a caravan of vans marked with stickers representing them as a disaster relief team.These groups have a history of arriving in natural disaster areas and scamming residents.

No crimes associated with this group have been reported or are known at this time. From what I understand, this particular group turned away at a disaster area check point.

Area hotels and other law enforcement agencies have been notified and are working with the Sheriff's department to keep an eye for these particular groups.


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