Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith
Justin Smith, Facebook

We've all seen fat cops before.  That's something you won't be seeing in Larimer County anymore; at least not in the Sheriff's Department.  Sheriff Justin Smith has implemented new physical fitness standards for new deputies hired after January 1st.

The Sheriff's goals in implementing the new standards were to assure that deputies were even better prepared to handle the rigorous physical demands of the job, reduce costly and debilitating on-the-job injuries and keep overall employee healthcare costs down throughout the agency.

The new standards will apply to newly-hired sworn personnel in both patrol and jail positions.


  • Running one and a half miles in 15-1/2 minutes or less
  • Sprinting 300 meters in under 66 seconds
  • Performing 25 pushups in under one minute
  • Performing 30 sit-ups  in under one minute

Physical fitness standards for existing personnel will be phased in on a voluntary basis over time using an incentive system.

[Larimer County Sheriff's Office]

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