Not all women care only about money, but you'd be hard pressed to say this one doesn't have dollar signs in her eyes.

In this classic prank, a man dupes a woman into thinking he's driving a Lamborghini and she's perfectly willing to give him directions, chat and even accept a ride, believing they'll go for a spin in his hot car.

The joke's on her, though, when she discovers he owns a slightly less impressive car.

To be fair, she did ask if they're going for a ride in the Lambo, so it's not like she was being too presumptuous. And maybe she bails on the drive because the guy is clearly sketchy and did mislead her, so she may be worried this fella is thinking about hacking her up like she's a dish at a Hibachi restaurant.

Of course, it'd be interesting to see just how nice she would have been had the man approached her in a Dodge Dart.

And let's also not discount the fact this appears to have taken place in Los Angeles, where everyone is on the prowl to better themselves. You think this woman wants to be a waitress the rest of her life?

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