Kix Brooks isn’t the new guy in the video for his Joe Walsh-assisted song ‘New to This Town.’ He’s more like the narrator who witnesses everything and follows the action. The clip also features Brooks as a character in the middle of the plot scenes, singing his song while events unfold around him. Then, things occur in reverse. Sadly, we don’t get do-overs in life nor are we able to undo things once they’ve happened. But it’s fun to pretend like we have that power or ability for a few minutes in a video for a country song that muses about what could or should be in life.

With his worn-in flannel and trucker hat, Brooks looks like a blue collar road warrior who hits the local greasy spoon in a small town, singing while seated at a booth. He’s also performing on stage at a party event, as well.

Throughout the clip, the singer happens upon a variety of circumstances, which then take place in reverse. A waitress is distracted and overfills a coffee cup, causing the hot liquid to spill on the counter. A fighting couple throws stuff at one another, while she cries. A marriage proposal goes horribly, horribly wrong. A bullrider is thrown from his beast. There’s lot of subtle details and insinuations about the average people whose lives are featured in this video, so pay attention and try and surmise what’s going on besides reverse action. It’s incredibly engrossing.

It’s the stuff of life and everyday Americana. It reminds us that we can’t change the past, even if we hit the rewind or reset button.

Watch Kix Brooks ‘New to This Town’ Video



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