Art is imitating life for Kelly Clarkson in her 'Tie It Up' video. The accompanying clip for her country-rock single finds the singer -- who is set to marry Brandon Blackstock this October -- leading a wedding band at a barn-held reception. She is having a better time than the guests and the bride and groom, that's for sure.

Clarkson's real-life excitement about getting hitched spills over into the video, as she bounces around like she just downed a case of Red Bull, performing in a cute and sparkly party dress amid dancers and revelers. You can't help but think that she is performing with the thought that she will soon be enjoying this kinda party. It's only a few months away.

Clips from other weddings featuring happy, beautiful couples starting their lives together on the big day are sprinkled throughout, but really, all eyes are on Clarkson as she performs barefoot and dances her face off. Yes, she upstages the bride -- and this will soon be her!

It's no accident that it's Clarkson who catches the bouquet at the end of the video.

'Tie It Up' isn't an exercise in subterfuge. It's pretty blatant. Kelly Clarkson is getting married, and she couldn't be happier about it. Consider this video a practice run for the real-life party, since, you know, Blake Shelton will be there.