Kelly Clarkson and fiance Brandon Blackstock are set to get married this fall. But Clarkson is already relishing in one aspect of her new life: step-motherhood.

During a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest, Clarkson dished that she's totally over wedding planning, but she can't wait to officially be a stepmom.

“I have a 12-year-old and a 6-year-old now … after being single for six years! We all live together and everything … it’s so different, but it’s perfect," the singer shares happily.

As you might expect from listening to some of Clarkson's tough-as-nails song lyrics, she's no pushover when it comes to being a mom. "They’re awesome and I actually really dig the mom thing … I am quick to go, ‘I told you not to touch that!’… I am totally my mom. My mom was a hard mom," she adds

Although Clarkson can be tough at home, she's as laid-back as can be when making plans for her October nuptials to Blackstock. The musical couple will marry in late October at their Nashville home.

"I'm so over it. It's so overwhelming," she says of planning the wedding. "We're just doing a lot: touring and the wedding and the Christmas album [to be released on Oct. 29], so I'm over the wedding part."

They say when you're marrying the right person, the wedding doesn't matter. It sounds like Clarkson's cool-as-a-cucumber attitude means that things are going well in her relationship.

"It's not a try-hard situation," she reveals of being with Blackstock. "It's just easy. It's work – after a year and a half that puppy phase [is over] and reality starts to set in – but it's fun work. We're very similar. It's easy."

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