Kellie Pickler is willing to throw a few back on national television and write lyrics with intensely raw emotions, but she's not going to bare it all in least, not yet.

The singer explained her reasoning to Country 92-5, and we have to admit, it's definitely for the best. She said, "My dad and my grandpa would find whoever took the pictures and probably kill them." Added Pickler with a laugh, "Just so that my dad doesn't go back to jail, I'm not gonna do it."

That's certainly reason enough to not strip down, and she continued talking about the man who taught her how to fend for herself. "Have you met my dad? He's a good guy, but I'm still his little girl; it doesn't matter how old I am. For anyone who's a dad, their daughter's never not going to be their little girl..."

However, Pickler's thoughts on Playboy don't seem to be definite, as she added as an afterthought, "Maybe if it was conservatively shot..."

Conservatively shot or not, her dad probably wouldn't be too thrilled about his little girl on the pages of the racy magazine and the law enforcers probably wouldn't take the Playboy reasoning as an excuse!

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