One creative Kacey Musgraves fan is spending her time social distancing and celebrating the star's memorable fashion moments by comparing her iconic looks to the hottest fabric of the moment: Toilet paper.

Twitter user @kaceymthreads unrolled a variety of the "Space Cowboy" singer's iconic looks and their bath tissue counterparts, and it's too perfect to ignore. Did Musgraves plan it like this?

Fellow Musgraves fans enjoyed the comparisons, quipping that there's not enough Kacey to go around, like toilet paper in a coronavirus world.

Musgraves must have been flattered — she retweeted the thread, adding some levity to this challenging time and commenting on the bizarre circumstances so many are facing right now:

"I feel like I'm somehow stuck back in that weird time period between Christmas and new year where anything goes," she remarked.

Perhaps the world is facing more than just a lonely weekend, but at least the memes are plentiful even when the toilet paper is not.

Toilet paper is just one of the everyday products consumers have made scarce as the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to rage. Music tours from across all genres have mostly been canceled or postponed for the time being, and Musgraves turned to her followers on Tuesday (March 17) to share some reassuring words.

"We’re all in this together. You’re not alone," she writes. "Hoping anyone reading this is able to acquire whatever they need to feel sane and tranquil in these weird times..whatever this is."

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