Justin Moore is known for his strong Southern drawl straight from the heart of Arkansas, but can he pull off a British accent? Big 95.5’s Mason, Remy and Alabama quizzed the artist on how well he could mimic an array of accents, including Australian, Irish, Boston and even Valley Girl.

Turns out his British and Australian aren’t too shabby for a Southern boy, but his Boston and Valley Girl? They could use a little work. It was hard to hide his true colors, even when he was using the catch phrases “da Bears” and “OMG,” though his hand gestures for Valley Girl were on point.

“We’re gonna drive around and look for cute boys,” Moore said, doing his best impression of a female teen in California. “In my case, girls,” he added in his normal inflection.

He stumbled a bit over a few words in the Irish accent section, almost skewing toward more of a Spanish inflection for a moment before turning back toward the original intent with a comment about corn beef and cabbage.

“Is my career over now?” Moore exclaimed after butchering it.

Moore’s accent has been a source of fun for more than one interviewer, as Phoenix’s KNIX even convinced him to do a dramatic reading of the lyrics to Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” Moore did his best, but it certainly brought more laughs than it did applause.

“How much more money does this guy make than us? Are you kidding me?” he asked incredulously during his performance.

Moore recently released a new video for his single “You Look Like I Need a Drink,” which he says was one of his favorites he’s done. It’s got an Old West theme, and Moore says he’s a big fan of that style of film. He’s gearing up to go on tour with Brantley Gilbert this summer on the Take It Outside Tour starting in June.

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