It was 31 years ago today that I put on my rented tuxedo and waited at the alter for my beautiful bride to walk down that aisle and start her lifetime sentence of being my wife. Kyla was my high school sweetheart and never was able to escape my attempts to reel her in. She tried to move away from me after high school and moved from North Dakota to Minnesota but I just moved a few hours away from her in Minnesota and eventually crept my way closer to her and before long scooped her back up and married her.

We have had quite a ride over the past few decades and like most couples have had our moments when it would have been really easy to just quit and hang it up but we rode through all of the storms and they have only made us stronger. I know there are days when she loves me but doesn't like me much but that is to be expected with anyone you live with. You just roll through those days because the good ones are so much more plentiful and joyful than the bad ones. She has blessed me with two wonderful children and is the most awesome wife, mother, friend, grandmother and roommate a person could ever dream of. I still look forward to seeing her smile every single day. I love you Kyla. Thank you for spending your life with me. I told your mother before she passed that I would always take care of you and let you know that you were loved and I will continue that wonderful mission until the day I die. Happy Anniversary baby. Here's to the next 31.

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