The assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy shook our nation to its core back in 1963 and if you were around back then, you probably remember the exact moment and feeling you had when you found out about it to this day.

Since the sitting president was murdered in Dallas on November 22nd of that year, countless conspiracy theories have come floating around about the tragic event which, in some cases, tend to diminish the accomplishments of the 35th president of our nation like, say, putting a man on the moon.

You may not know this, but Grand Junction, Colorado has an interesting connection to the JFK assassination in relation to a 1963 ambulance vehicle.

Did JFK's Ambulance Once Live in Grand Junction?

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If you've lived in the Grand Junction area long enough, you probably remember a place called Allen Unique Autos Museum. Prior to the museum closing in 2015, it housed a 1963 Pontiac Bonneville coach that was converted into an ambulance.

The vehicle was painted with United States Navy markings and is identical to the ambulance shown in photos that transported President Kennedy's body to be autopsied following the assassination.

However, there's a chance that this vehicle is not in fact the aforementioned ambulance as there are conflicting reports as to what happened to the original vehicle.

Regardless, the vehicle's owners had traded hands numerous times over the years at Barrett Jackson auctions and at said auctions, was said to be the historic vehicle.

So, did this page from America's history books really live in Grand Junction? Possibly. Either way, you can check out the ambulance that did live here below and decide for yourself:

What Was Possibly JFK’s Ambulance Once Lived in Grand Junction

A 1963 ambulance was on display at Allen Unique Autos Museum in Grand Junction until 2015, and many claim that it was the very ambulance that drove President Kennedy’s body to have an autopsy performed.

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