How would life be today if you were taught only the positive aspects of history? Jefferson County school students are walking out in numbers over candy coating history changes to the curriculum.

Jefferson County School Kids Walkout 7News
Jefferson County School Kids Walkout 7News

The Jefferson County school board is getting a lot of grief for a curriculum changes. Changes would have teachers avoiding events in history that promoted civil disorder.

The board is getting slammed on social media with people posting ridiculous history facts like

If Rosa Parks just followed orders and sat where she was suppose to...

Pearl Harbor was attacked by Iraqis who crossed the Mexican border...

Burning bras was really the result of a Betty Crocker baking contest gone awry...

The number of students joining in the walkout(s) continue to rise. Initially the walkouts included about 5 Jefferson County high schools. As of Wednesday, Chatfield High School and Dakota Ridge High School students have joined in the protest to proposed curriculum changes. Those participating are in the hundreds, if not yet reaching one-thousand or more.

The students, parents and some teachers are protesting the curriculum change because of what it takes away from history,  as they seem to believe it is an approach that is designed to candy coat historical events. Some have tweeted that changes, for the better, in our lives throughout history have resulted from civil disobedience.

It began with school board member Julie Williams. Williams issued a statement saying that the new curriculum, Advanced Placement U.S. History (APUSH), would make sure that U.S. History materials "promote citizenship, patriotism, essentials and benefits of the free enterprise system, respect for authority and respect for individual rights." Williams adds "materials should not encourage or condone civil disorder, social strife or disregard of the law."

The ACLU of Colorado is watching carefully and has indicated that state-funded school curriculum should promote academic integrity, not ideological agendas.

Critics contend that the AP United States History or APUSH curriculum is built with a political agenda

Our criticisms have covered nine main points: (1) The new APUSH attempts to impose national standards that will inevitably circumvent state standards and local control. (2) It is a detailed curriculum deceptively put forward as a mere framework. (3) It is ideologically slanted in favor of progressive interpretations of American history. (4) It gives short shrift to or omits important topics. (5) It purports to train students to be “apprentice historians” without laying a solid foundation in historical knowledge. (6) Its emphasis on documentary sources lacks many seminal documents. (7) It falsely presents itself as flexible for teachers.  (8) It fails to provide teachers with adequate preparation materials. (9) It was written and reviewed by committees dominated by individuals hostile to traditional American history and fails to gives serious attention to American exceptionalism.

The proposal to adopt the APUSH curriculum will be addressed at the next board meeting. The next regularly scheduled board meeting is Oct. 2, 2014.

Jeffco School District is the second largest in the state.




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