One of the greatest sports rivalries of my time was Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt in NASCAR. I used to love watching those two go at it week after week. They were great drivers at the top of their games and were as different as could be. I know they respected each other but the thought of one of them driving the others car was unthinkable. Fast forward a decade or so and word comes that Jeff will be filling in for Dale Jr. for a week or two at least. Who would have thunk it?

Well the 24 will turn into the 88 for the next few races anyway as Dale Jr. recuperates from concussion like symptoms. It was just months ago that we said goodbye to Jeff and now he is rolling back onto the speedway for a quick fill in role. Wouldn't it be wild if he came back and won? This is one of those sights I thought I would never see, like Elway in a Raider uniform. Boogity, boogity, boogity!

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