Jana Kramer is not only a wife and mother, but a woman with much on her mind as coronavirus continues to swirl across the country and around the world. The country singer and actress is contemplating surgery that her son Jace might soon have to undergo.

Kramer is currently quarantining with her family, so she is increasingly heading to social media for some much-needed mommy interaction. This interaction is especially important right now as Kramer contemplates surgery for a birthmark, as she explained in a recent post.

"Jace has sebaceous nevus on his scalp and basically we have to get it removed,” Kramer said in an Instagram story on Wednesday (May 6). "I’m not sure if I should do surgery, obviously we are not going to do it now during corona time."

According to Healthline.com, a nevus sebaceous is a "rare type of birthmark that can be found on the face, neck, forehead, or scalp. While it can appear anywhere on the head, it most often occurs on the scalp. Though it’s technically classified as a hair follicle tumor and is associated with other conditions, a nevus sebaceous is benign."

In the Instagram video, Kramer went on to think aloud, wondering if she and husband Michael Caussin should schedule the surgery soon than later, or wait till their adorable 16-month old son is a little bit older.

“I’m worried about the scalp and the hairline,” Kramer continued, encouraging her followers to send her a direct message if they have had any experience with this condition. “Scalps don’t stop growing 'til they are 18, but I don’t want to wait 'til he is 18. It can look really nasty and kids are mean.”

The 36-year-old also recently released a new song called “Untouchable,” which she actually wrote and recorded in 2010.

“I wanted this song to come out now,” she tells People magazine. “Obviously the title is cliche because it’s ‘Untouchable,’ and we can’t touch things. But with the pandemic and everything that’s going on, it’s just knowing that even though we can’t physically hold our loved ones and give them hugs and embrace them, that love is beyond any physical connection. It’s there, it’s spiritual and it’s a part of your soul. Love is untouchable."

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