Jana Kramer has been through a lot this year, and the actress-turned-singer may be ready to expose it all ... on her upcoming album, of course. Kramer has been using her social media accounts to begin teasing the highly-anticipated second album. 

The 'Why Ya Wanna' singer seems excited about the new project, and even more excited about her upcoming single. "I just heard my new single that will be at country radio next year, and I seriously can't WAIT for y'all to hear it!" she writes.

In the same tweet, Kramer used the hashtags "love" and "I still believe in you." Is she hinting at something? After all, she ended a very public engagement with country singer Brantley Gilbert this year.

Gilbert made it clear his next album would still include influence from Kramer from before their breakup. Does this mean Kramer's release will contain some of the same? Will fans finally get the 411 on the end of their romance?

Kramer did let fans know they could expect an album that's all her -- and her story. "This next album is gonna be 100 percent me -- to the 'T' -- so it's fantastic," she reveals (quote via CMT). "The last song I played out, people were actually singing along to it, so I was like, 'Yes! It's gonna work maybe!'"

A release date has not yet been set, but perhaps Kramer will sample some of her songs of heartbreak when she hits the beach at the inaugural Tropical Nights: Boots in the Sand event in February 2014. Get more info here.

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