Jameson Rodgers is trying to get over her during his debut single "Some Girls." The Mississippi native and Florida Georgia Line ("Talk You Out of It") songwriter's country-rock intro to his artist career finds him caught in the middle of an old flame's indecision.

Hardy, Jake Mitchell and C.J. Solar wrote it, and they grab several very modern devices to tell their story. Social media follows and late-night texting plant the song deep into the 21 century and the progressive arrangement and production holds it there. One can feel Rodgers' frustration with the emotional back and forth increasing with each chorus.

"Some Girls" is a made-for-mainstream single that packs the words in heavy early on, but then relies on the repeated chorus to get to the end. Since being released in 2019, it's climbed into the Top 30 on country airplay charts and seems to have the momentum to do much better, thus solidifying him as a newcomer to watch in 2020.

Did You Know?: "Some Girls" was first released on Rodgers' self-titled EP in 2018, before he signed a record deal.

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Jameson Rodgers' "Some Girls" Lyrics: 

Pictures on her phone and tears in her eyes / Waterproof makeup ain’t made for a breakup on a Saturday night / Then I say how you been, good, how ‘bout you / Funny how seeing you once after a few months gets you like that / Right back to telling folks you know, I know all about some new guy taking you out / Then you unfollow me then follow me back just so I know you’re still around.

Some girls get their mama on the phone / Take a trip back home, pretend they never knew the guy / Some girls drink a bottle of wine / Got an old ex to text, to get ‘em through the getting by / Sometimes it’s a clean break, stay gone, clean slate, moving on to something new / Sometimes some girls make it easy on you / Some girls never do.

Some hearts stay broke, some hearts don’t skip a beat / Some people say goodbye then try to make it alright /Just like you’re doing to me but tonight I’m letting it ring.

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, some girls know when they’ve got something worth holding on to / But some girls never do.

Repeat Chorus

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