Jake Owen got a digital "talking to" from Barbara Brooks, the wife of country legend Kix Brooks, after he tweeted a picture of himself wearing a bit of a sarcastically sexist T-shirt that read: "Cool Story Babe. Now Go Make Me a Sandwich."

Barbara Brooks shook her finger at Owen, but not over the shirt.

When the singer admitted that the "shirt didn't go over too well with my wifey," Brooks' missus was more miffed -- albeit in a humorous way -- over his use of the term "wifey." "Gee, I wonder why! Been married to @KixBrooks for almost 32 years, partly cuz he never called me 'wifey,'" she posted. "Just a suggestion."

Owen wasn't offended by Mrs. Brooks further pointing out the error of his ways. She continued: "I bet Lacey will take care of that shirt. I’ve had several laundry 'accidents' over the years."

At least Lacey, aka Mrs. Jake Owen, has Barbara Brooks in her corner, even in a lighthearted battle of the sexes.

Somehow, we think Owen -- who wore the shirt in jest -- got the point after receiving a dressing down (no pun intended) from the wife of an icon.


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