Chancey Williams is ready to have a rollickin’ good time on his vibrant new song, “Paycheck Down.”

Premiering exclusively on The Boot today, the jaunty country shuffler captures the pure joy that comes with receiving one’s paycheck and readying for a weekend of celebrations - cowboy style, of course.

“Bout to fire me up a good time got on my drinkin’ boots / Gonna hit every honky tonk shoot that turkey off the roost / By end of the night it’ll be alright if there’s nothin’ left but smoke / Beneath them neon lights round town ‘Burnin’ this Paycheck Down’,” Williams sings euphorically over steady drumbeats and steel guitar lines, as he readies to do-si-do his way to a party.

"I love this song. It was the first song I ever wrote with my friend Brice Long. This is a young workin' man's tune,” Williams tells The Boot. “The kid in the song is a ranch worker, but really it applies to any kind of blue-collar hard work. Reminds me of when you're young and you just work all week for that paycheck, and then blow it on the weekend, figuring, ‘I'll worry about next week, next week,’” he adds with a laugh.

The past few years have seen the neo-traditionalist propel from competing in rodeos to singing about the country way of life in front of thousands. Most recently, Williams made his long-awaited Grand Ole Opry debut, which he admits, still feels pretty surreal.

“It's still a little hard for me to wrap my head around. We've worked so hard out here on the road and, even a couple of years ago, I wouldn't have believed it was something that could happen,” shares Williams, who, alongside Chris LeDoux, are the only two artists who have participated in the rodeo and performed on the Cheyenne Frontier Days main stage.

“All of the people at the Opry are super nice and they make you feel very comfortable. I felt like I was representing the whole West when I was out there. I wanted to do it right for all of us,” he adds.

With summertime just around the corner, the Wyoming native, who has opened for Alan Jackson, Toby Keith and Cody Johnson, is gearing up for a busy season of new music releases and playing for fans across the country.

“We've got some great music ready to go and I'm writing and recording more this summer. We're out here on the road, man, that's what we do,” shares Williams, who also made his debut at Billy Bob’s Texas recently. “On this current [tour] run, we have been all over the place. Lexington, Ky., then all the way out to California for a couple of dates, then Arizona, New Mexico, Tulsa and Oklahoma City... I think it has been about three weeks since I've been home. But I love it and I'm thankful for it."

Listen to “Paycheck Down” above and pre-save the song to get it first when it drops Friday (May 26).

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