When choosing between two things and trying to decide which is "better," the answer is always going to be subjective and open to interpretation. For example, what if someone asked which of your two kids you like better? Or if Bob Dylan is a better songwriter than Neil Young? You can't just pick one outright.

However, there are different criteria that when compared, could certainly give points to one option or the other.

Obviously, the states of Colorado and Utah are next-door neighbors, but they are very different in a lot of ways. On the other hand, their capital cities, Denver and Salt Lake City, respectively, also have quite a few similarities.

Keep scrolling to check out some of the criteria that might make one of the aforementioned cities "better" than the other and decide for yourself.

Denver Colorado vs. Salt Lake City Utah: Which is Better?

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As mentioned above, these two capital cities actually have quite a few similarities. They're both surrounded by The Rocky Mountains, they're both growing rapidly, and they're both great places to live for city folk who also love the outdoors.

However, below you'll also find information such as Denver having less strict laws when it comes to marijuana and alcohol, a lower poverty rate, and a higher median income than Salt Lake City.

On the other hand, Salt Lake City has less traffic, a lower cost of living, and is a little less densely populated than Denver.

Check out these comparisons between Denver, Colorado, and Salt Lake City, Utah, and decide for yourself which is actually better:

Denver Colorado vs. Salt Lake City Utah: Which is Better?

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