With constant advancements in technology and research, studies of certain aspects of Mother Nature consistently change our world, usually for the better.

You may find it interesting to find out that Colorado has what's known as a weed research laboratory that does just that and it's absolutely fascinating, to say the least.

What is Colorado's Weed Research Laboratory?

The Weed Research Laboratory is located on the Colorado State University campus at 300 West Pitkin Street in Fort Collins.

The school offers degrees directly related to the studies that take place at the laboratory from undergraduate all the way to a doctorate with a concentration in Weed Science.

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When one typically thinks of Colorado and "weed" in the same sentence, marijuana is usually top of mind. However, the studies conducted in this particular place have nothing to do with that kind of weed.

The type of research that takes place at the lab involves things like tumbleweeds, herbicides, and even weed DNA in an effort to collectively use these weeds to our advantage.

For example, researchers test certain weeds for their traits that would be valuable in crops like corn and soybeans, then look for ways to implement traits such as tolerance to temperatures, drought, and salt into more useful plants.

Other things that are studied with regard to these weeds include how weeds metabolize different herbicides and how they mutate in order to become resistant to these, and other threats.

Now that you know some of what goes on at CSU's Weed Research Laboratory, keep scrolling to take a look around:

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