It's always disheartening to hear about a beloved business in Colorado going out of business. Perhaps it's due to the age of information we live in today, but it seems like it happens fairly regularly in recent memory.

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Luckily, a hidden gem of an art center beloved by many doesn't appear to be necessarily going out of business, but it has been announced that the building is for sale and the gallery and music venue are hoping to relocate.

Colorado Art Center + Concert Venue Selling Building + Moving

The Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts is an interesting and unique place that has been known to bring culture and togetherness to the small town of Palmer Lake, Colorado.

Located a little beyond the beaten path just between Castle Rock and Colorado Springs at 304 CO-105 in Palmer Lake, the non-profit arts center frequently held exhibitions that were attended by many.

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The functions would often feature paintings and sculptures from local artists, food and drink, and even live music.

Unfortunately, these enriching events may come to a halt as it has been announced that the beloved arts center's building is currently listed for sale.

However, the Executive Director of the Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts, Michael Maddox, has said that his hopes are that the arts center will be able to relocate and bring the same magic to a new setting.

When asked, Maddox reiterated that his goal and ultimate vision is to continue to "enrich families with the fine arts," and hopes that relocating the arts center will allow him to keep doing so.


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