We love Colorado. My opinion may be biased, but it's the best state to reside in. However, some things could be a little different to be the best state ever.

After my first visit to the state, I knew this was where I wanted to be. I loved the scenery, the people were super friendly, and well, the weather couldn't be better.

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So, What's Wrong with Colorado?

As I stated before, nothing. I love it for what it has to offer. But! If I were to be nitpicky, there are some things that just get on my nerves. Colorado isn't alone in this. Every. Single. The state has something wrong with it.

I'm originally from Michigan, and I'm pretty sure I was born in the driver's seat of a car. (I wasn't, I was born in a hospital.) That hospital was located in Flint. You know, the rundown town that used to be a motoring giant. Needless to say, those from Michigan are some of the best drivers known --strong, strong opinion.

We learn to drive in feet of snow. Dodge potholes that make the Grand Canyon look like a crack in a wall. So, yeah, we are pretty decent drivers.

That leads me to my biggest pet peeve in Colorado, no one can drive. Not the "natives," long-time transplants, especially not those from California or Texas.

And that's really my biggest problem with Colorado. Not the state, but the drivers.

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What Do Most 'Natives' Dislike About Colorado?

Talk to any of them, and they'll mention the above, even they hate the drivers in this state.

More than that, they really, really despise Californians. Colorado natives feel Californians are the number one cause for the state's "alleged" spiral downward. Something about politics or their (Californians') way of life rubs natives the wrong way.

I don't get into the politics of the whole thing, it's not my jam. So, we'll just leave this here.

The things that should be banned from Colorado are trivial things that would make all of society a better place. Some, just because we can nitpick.

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