Colorado loves bacon. It's part of our favorite events like the Denver Bacon and Beer Classic, or the Keystone Bourbon and Bacon Festival. Knowledge-sharing platform Quora says the state of Colorado is in the Top 5 in the nation per capita for bacon consumption.

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Three cheers for bacon, right? As long as it's not one of's seven bacon brands to avoid. Is the bacon in your fridge on the list below? Yikes, we better find out.

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America's Least Favorite Bacon

America's Least Favorite Bacon
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loading... names Great Value Hickory Smoked Bacon as a breakfast failure to avoid. The product has a 2.3-star rating on Walmart's website, with citing complaints about freshness and packaging, customer satisfaction, and customer comments about the product on Walmart's website describing the bacon as 90% fat. There are 88 Walmart stores located in Colorado.

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Bacon Recommendations says Sam's Choice is a much higher-rated bacon sold at Walmart stores. Additional brands with some of the highest reviews included Applegate, Boar’s Head, Wellshire Farms, and Godshall’s. Which brands of bacon are your favorite? Is it sold at a particular store? Open our station app and help your fellow Coloradans upgrade their bacon game with a recommendation.

Keep scrolling to see what Grand Junction had to say about some of the best places for bacon in Western Colorado below.

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Grand Junction, Colorado loves bacon. It's that simple. Why? It tastes good. I asked on Facebook, "Where will you find the best bacon in Grand Junction." This is what you had to say:

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