Did you know that the state of Colorado ranks near the top for most stolen vehicles in the United States? We were the worst state for vehicle theft a few years ago in 2019, and the past year in the Centennial State saw a reduction in vehicle theft by about 20%.

Colorado reported a total of 41,063 vehicles stolen in 2022. In the past year, this number fell to 32,750 according to News9.com.

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Colorado's Most Stolen Car

If you are considering purchasing a Hyundai Elantra, you may want to consider that this was the most stolen vehicle in Colorado last year. Vehicle owners reported 1,324 Hyundai Elantras stolen in 2023.

Colorado's Most Stolen Truck

Three pickup trucks show up on Colorado's list of most stolen vehicles in 2023. They include the Chevy Silverado Pickup, the Ford F150, and the Ford F250. Altogether, more than 3,102 pickups were stolen in Colorado last year.

Colorado Cities with the Most Recovered Vehicles

2023 was not all bad news. Some motorists thanked law enforcement for finding and recovering their stolen vehicles last year. Check out the top five cities that recovered the most stolen vehicles last year.

  1. Denver: 10,942 thefts / 9,444 recoveries
  2. Aurora: 4,722 thefts / 4,369 recoveries
  3. Colorado Springs: 3,247 thefts / 2,701 recoveries
  4. Pueblo: 1,542 thefts / 1,438 recoveries
  5. Lakewood: 1,169 thefts / 1,142 recoveries

See the list of the Ten most stolen vehicles in Colorado over the past year below, and find out how many of each type of vehicle were reported stolen.

These are the Ten Most Stolen Vehicles in Colorado

Vehicle theft in Colorado fell nearly 20% in 2023, but Coloradans still reported more than 32,000 stolen vehicles over the past year. See which vehicles were stolen the most in Colorado last year and which cities recovered the most vehicles below.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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