Have you ever bumped into someone famous in Colorado and had the chance to actually speak with them for a moment? We would love to know who it was, and what you got to say to them. Telling us is as easy as chatting on our station app.

We would love it even more if you would be able to talk to us on the radio about these encounters. One member of our Facebook family had the chance to talk to Lou Ferrigno. I mean, what kind of questions do you ask the Incredible Hulk?

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What Would You Ask A Celebrity?

If you can't carry a question around in your pocket, maybe you can carry a question about a pocket around in your head. Anytime a celebrity just appears (this happens a lot at radio stations) ask them to tell the audience two things they have in their pocket right now. Their answer will reveal a little bit about what it's like to be them.

Maybe you got to meet your favorite artist at a meet-and-greet before a show. Who was it and what did you ask them?

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