The Centennial State is home to 26 scenic and historic byways that show off the Rocky Mountains, National Forests, and National and State Parks. Have you ever wondered which byway is the oldest one in Colorado?

Keep reading to find out which one of Colorado's Byways came first, and what points of interest are yours to enjoy when you travel this historic route.

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Colorado's Oldest Scenic Byway

Colorado's first scenic byway was created to get tourists to Rocky Mountain National Park. By 1915, A road was needed to connect Ward to Estes Park. According to, this road started as a single-lane dirt road named Skyline Road. It offered never-before-seen views of the continental divide and became the preferred route to Rocky Mountain National Park. Colorado routes 7, 72, and 119 eventually blended to form the 55-mile byway we enjoy today.

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Where Is Colorado's Peak to Peak Byway?

10 High-Altitude Facts About Colorado’s First Scenic Byway
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Colorado's Peak to Peak Byway runs along the Front Range between Estes Park and Blackhawk, Colorado. The route is about 55 to 60 miles long and is open year-round. Elevation along the byway ranges from 8000 feet near Blackhawk, to around 9,600 feet near Ward. Guardrails line a portion of the byway but not the entire length.

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Hot Spots Along the Peak To Peak Byway

The oldest scenic byway in Colorado is a great way to see the Continental Divide, the Arapahoe National Forest, Golden Gate Cayon State Park, The Indian Peak Wilderness Area, Eldora Ski Resort, and Rocky Mountain National Park.

The byway passes several mountain peaks in the Front Range including Mount Flora, Mount Eva, Mount Epworth, Mount Jasper, Apache Peak, Mount Audubon 13,229 feet (4,032 m), Meadow Mountain, Copeland Mountain, Mount Meeker 13,916 feet (4,242 m), Longs Peak 14,259 feet (4,346 m), and Twin Sisters Peaks

11 Cool Facts About Colorado’s Oldest Scenic and Historic Byway

Colorado's Peak to Peak Historic and Scenic Byway was the first road built to show off our state's forestlands and mountain peaks of the Front Range. Keep reading to learn eleven cool facts you may not have known about the first scenic byway to open in Colorado in 1918.

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