Sons and daughters all over Colorado are about to celebrate Mom. She's always been your biggest fan, strongest supporter, and deserving of a special day that is right around the corner.

What are you getting Mom this year for Mother's Day? We asked Grand Junction to help us brainstorm a few gift ideas that others might find helpful as they try to find the perfect gift. We get so caught up in what gift to get, we sometimes forget that what Mom really wants is very easy to give.

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Mother's Day 2024

Mother's Day in Colorado is coming up fast on Sunday, May 12th. Did you know Mother's Day is observed differently in countries like Mexico and the U.K.? Some countries observe the holiday during Lent according to the liturgical calendar.

Great Gift Ideas

We asked you to help us out with some gift ideas for Mother's Day. You can share these ideas via our social media pages, or chat directly with us on our station app. We would love you to add an idea to the list below. We've got the top answers ready for you in the gallery below.

The Gift That Means The Most

One of the sweetest things we found throughout your responses so far, was that Mom loves when you spend time with her more than anything. Keep going to check out some ideas that Mom will love because these gift ideas include time spent with you.


Gallery Credit: Bill Trotta

Great Mothers Day Presents You Can By Locally

Need a gift for mom? Here you go.

Gallery Credit: Jeanne Ryan

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