What is the law in Colorado when it comes to defending your home and family against an intruder? Are you allowed to shoot someone who is breaking into your home in Colorado?

Stand your ground laws in Colorado like the 'Make My Day' law spell out the conditions which make self-defense with deadly force permissible in certain situations. Scroll on to learn what factors allow you to protect yourself and your family with deadly force against an intruder.

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What is Colorado's 'Make My Day' Law?

Colorado's 'Make My Day' law is a nod to the line from the old 'Dirty Harry' flick starring Clint Eastwood. This law permits you to use deadly force against an intruder (including shooting them) in your home (or hotel room) as long as three conditions are met.

  • An intruder illegally forces entry into your home or dwelling.
  • You have reason to believe the intruder intends to commit a crime in the home.
  • You have reason to believe the intruder plans to use any degree of physical force against you or your family.

What is Colorado's 'Stand Your Ground Law'?

Colorado's 'Stand Your Ground' law makes lethal force in self-defense legal in certain situations. Defense lawyers use this law to show a person had no other choice when defending themselves. This makes deadly force permissible if the situation calls for it. The most important part of this law is that you can not necessarily be the aggressive party and also claim to be standing your ground.

Can You Shoot Trespassers in Colorado?

The shortest answer is, Yes. Especially if you have every reason to believe they are about to put you and your family in danger. In Colorado, there is also a provision called the Castle Doctrine. It is used in pre-trial instances to dismiss a case involving self-defense or the use of deadly force. When used correctly, Castle Doctrine can dismiss a case and grant you immunity from criminal or civil proceedings.

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