If you love visiting the hiking trails throughout Colorado, why not try a hike with some critters who love trails as much as you do? Have you ever hiked with goats?

Hiking with goats is a pretty cool option and one you can take advantage of this summer near Boulder, Colorado. Scroll on to learn more about hiking with goats on Colorado's Ol' Miners' Trail.

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Where is Colorado's Old Miners' Trail?

The Ol' Miners' Trail is located West of Boulder near Arkansas Mountain. The trail starts out around 7,200 feet. You'll hike to the top of the mountain at about 7,800 feet with several cool things to see on the way up and on the way back down.

Tour Boulder's Old Stage Top Homestead

The hike begins at the old Stage Stop historic site. These ruins date back to one of the original structures in Boulder built in 1865. You'll hike from this site through the mining ruins along the trail with the friendly goats leading the way.

Archeologist Valerie Solheim is Your Guide

Valerie Solheim's family started out in the Colorado territory before it was a state and they have been in the Boulder area for five generations. She has raised goats most of her life and has featured the goat hike in Boulder since 2017.

Scroll on to see photos and learn more about booking this fun adventure the next time you are near Boulder for the weekend.

Follow These Fun Goat Guides Up Colorado's Old Miners' Trail

If you love hiking in Colorado you should try hitting a trail with some critters who love it as much as you do. Check out the hike up the Ol' Miners' Trail near Boulder, Colorado. The tour guides tell the history of the miners' trail as the goats help lead you out and back.

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