Colorado is home to lots of famous people. From Tim Allen to Dog the Bounty Hunter, the list of celebrities you might run into in the Centennial State is long and diverse. From Grand Junction to Aspen to Telluride, there are famous personalities living on both sides of the state.

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While you may tend to think of famous actors, Colorado is very much a music state with just as many famous singers and musicians as there are movie stars. Keep reading to check out fourteen famous singers who were either born here or got their start in the land of the Rocky Mountains.

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Celebrities Who Have Called Colorado Home

Who is the most famous person who has lived in the Centennial State? It's almost impossible to decide. Is it Roseann Barr, Amy Adams,  or maybe Dierks Bentley? If you need to review some Colorado celebs we collected 60 noteworthy celebs you can recap with the link below.

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Colorado's Most Famous Singer

It may be just as difficult to select one individual for the title of "Most Famous Singer". John Dever (Henry John Deutschendorf Jr) could easily be considered one of the most successful singers to call Colorado home, he was born in Rosewell, New Mexico. However, none of the other 'famous Colorado singers' have had one of their original songs adopted as a Centennial State anthem.

Check out 14 famous singers who have called Colorado home in the photo gallery below.

14 Famous Singers Who Are from the State of Colorado

Colorado is famous for being home to the Rocky Mountains but so many of its residents are just as unique as many 14ers that stand out across the landscape. The Centennial State is home to several larger-than-life personalities and celebrities, but it is also home to some of America's most popular singers. Check out a dozen famous singers who got started in Colorado.

Gallery Credit: Wesley Adams

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Colorado has been the home of many famous celebrities over the years. Some of our celebrities are so famous that people still visit their graves decades after they have passed on. Scroll on to see some of the most famous gravesites in the Centennial State, and to find out more about the people who made such a name for themselves here in Colorado.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams

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