Colorado loves elevation. Our state is home to 82 mountain passes that offer an incredible way to travel through the Rockies. What is the highest mountain pass you have traveled over in the Centennial State?

In 2024, Colorado's most used mountain passes are not the same as they were during the earliest days of our state. Some of Colorado's most popular routes through the mountains quickly faded from memory once the automobile was introduced.

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Silver Found on McClellan Mountain

In the mid-1860s, Colorado's Argentine Pass was a pretty busy place. In 1864, Colorado's former provisional territorial governor Robert Steele discovered silver on McClellan Mountain, and miners would need a road to get them there. What they got was a ten-mile road that followed a portion of the Guanella Pass, then diverted to climb up the side of Argentine Peak.

Colorado's Highest Mountain Pass

Colorado's highest mountain pass, Argentine Peak, was never a paved road. Reaching over 13,200 feet at the summit, what was known as the Argentine Pass Toll Road remains a dirt road covered in rocks, boulders, and usually lots of snow.

Can I Still Go Over the Argentine Pass?

During the summer, thrill-seekers drive to the highest reaches of the Argentine Pass to enjoy the views. While a 4WD vehicle can reach the top, you are not allowed to drive down the western side of Argentine Pass into the Horseshoe Basin. The west side of the pass is only for hiking and mountain biking.

Keep going to see some stunning photos of the route up the Argentine Pass, and learn 12 cool facts you may not have known about the highest mountain pass in Colorado.

Argentine Pass: Colorado’s Highest Route Over the Continental Divide

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