While we all love enjoying the holidays in Colorado, there is that awkward time between Christmas and New Year's Day when it can feel like there isn't much to do. Lots of places are closed so people can spend time with their families.

A great way to pass the time over winter break is to get outside and enjoy some of Colorado's beautiful state parks. If you renewed your vehicle registration this year and took advantage of the park pass, you won't have to worry about the day-use fee.

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Colorado's State Parks

There are 43 State Parks in Colorado and 13 state parks within 90 minutes of Grand Junction, Colorado. If you don't have a State Park pass, the day-use fee is $10 at most parks. More than eleven million people visit Colorado's state parks every year to enjoy year-round activities in some of the most beautiful places in the state.

Winter Activities at Colorado State Parks

Snowmobiling is a big winter activity at several of Colorado's State Parks. Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice fishing, ice climbing, and wildlife photography are all popular winter activities you can enjoy at most state parks in Colorado.

State Parks Near Grand Junction, Colorado

Western Colorado has a lot of work to do at Highline Lake State Park this year. The lake will be drained to combat the zebra mussel infestation, leaving Vega State Park and the James M Robb Colorado River State Park(s) as the primary state parks with a water source for 2024. Some of the great state parks near Grand Junction include:

  • Highline Lake
  • James M. Robb - Colorado River: Connected Lakes
  • James M. Robb - Colorado River: Corn Lake
  • James M. Robb - Colorado River- Island Acres
  • James M. Robb - Colorado River - Fruita
  • Crawford
  • Harvey Gap
  • Paonia
  • Ridgway
  • Rifle Falls
  • Rifle Gap
  • Sweitzer Lake
  • Vega

Check out five of our picks for some of the best State Parks to visit in Colorado in 2024.

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