At the beginning of 2024, restaurants were supposed to stop using expanded polystyrene  (Styrofoam.) Yet, well into the new year, many restaurants are still using it.

Thought it seems like the plastic bag fee brought more attention with the Plastic Pollution Reduction Act, it also brought with it the elimination of using Styrofoam at restaurants.

There are Fines for Restaurants that Use Styrofoam

According to KDVR, restaurants that do not comply with the new law can face fines of $500 for the first violation and $1,000 for each future violation. Seems like you'd want to avoid those fines, for sure.

Why Are Some Colorado Restaurants Still Using Styrofoam?

It turns out, that Colorado restaurants that already had purchased Styrofoam containers before January 1, 2024, can use those containers until they run out.

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Changing From Styrofoam Can Be Costly to Restaurants

A KOAA story found that some restaurants are having to spend three times as much on containers that aren't made of Styrofoam. It would make sense that a restaurant owner would stockpile as much Styrofoam as they could before 2023 ended.

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What Are Restaurants Using Instead of Styrofoam?

Paper, and plastics that can be recycled or are biodegradable (which Styrofoam is not) are what you'll be seeing at all Colorado restaurants, to take home "leftovers," once they're out of Styrofoam.

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