Colorado vacations often include a "good soak" in one of the hot springs that exist, especially in southwestern Colorado.

One of those hot springs not only is relaxing, but also holds a mystery.

If the water wasn't so dang hot, this could become another show like "Oak Island," with people trying to solve the mystery about the spring. Maybe, at some point, they will find out the answer.

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I saw that the Denver Gazette has a story about the Springs Resort and Spa in Pagosa Springs, and how they have the world's deepest hot spring. That's a pretty neat factoid for Colorado, but there's more to it.

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How Deep is the Deepest Hot Spring in Colorado?

This particular geothermal spring at The Springs is at least 1,002 feet deep. That's pretty deep, and it's a Guinness World Record, but it's an incomplete record.

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Technically, it's "at least" 1,002 feet deep; because, the gauge they used was only 1,002 feet long.  It could be another thousand feet, it could be ten thousand feet deep. Nobody knows how deep it is; it's a mystery.

There are 24 Other Springs at This Colorado Resort

This place, right by the San Juan River, looks like Disney when it comes to relaxing; 25 hot springs, a spa, four restaurants (along with poolside service,) a slew of spa treatments, along with great views.

I must go there.

Pagosa Springs is highly underrated when it comes to Colorado vacation destinations, it is pretty far from Denver (5 hours) that's true, but that area of Colorado is beautiful and has more than hot springs, when it comes to outdoor activities.

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Have you considered visiting a clothing-optional hot springs in Colorado? There are a number to choose from. Below you'll find information, links, and maps to a number of locations across the state. For the obvious reason, some resorts do not offer photos of their facilities.

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As you scroll through the gallery, let the warmth of their words and the sparkle of their experiences entice you to explore this unique slice of Colorado paradise. Whether you're a seasoned naturist or simply seeking a new adventure, these clothing-optional hot springs promise an unforgettable escape!

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Gallery Credit: Waylon Jordan



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