June 2nd is National Donut Day and with so many awesome donut shops around Colorado, there are plenty of freebies to be had. Here's where to head around town tomorrow to get your free sweet treats.

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Free Donuts For National Donut Day Around Colorado

Like we ever need an excuse to plow through a donut or three, National Donut Day gives us an excuse just in case you do need one. Yes, it seems like every day is some sort of national day, and some of these days even have more than one-day which gets confusing at times, but when it comes to tasty donuts, I'm never complaining. National Donut Day is celebrated on the first Friday of June, which is lovely because it's not just a fun way to kick off the weekend, but a fun way to kick off the first weekend of summer, right?

There are many ways to celebrate National Donut Day, but the best is way to celebrate is with free donuts. Here's where you can head tomorrow to pick up a free sweet treat around Colorado.

Free Donuts At Duck Donuts in Colorado

Colorado's only Duck Donuts location, which is in Johnstown, Colorado near Sheels, is offering up free cinnamon sugar donuts with no purchase necessary.

Free Donuts At Krispy Kreme Donuts In Colorado

Pop by any of Colorado's Krispy Kreme Locations and pick one free donut of your choice. You can also add a dozen glazed donuts to any regular dozen for $2.

Free Donuts At Dunkin' In Colorado

Dunkin' is also offering a free donut of your choice tomorrow just for stopping by. Are you full yet? Nah...

Free Donuts At LaMar's In Colorado

LaMar's is offering up free Original Glazed donuts all-day.

Landline Doughnuts National Doughnut Day

Landline Doughnuts in Longmont, Colorado will be offering up some free Dole Whip with a purchase of any two of their tasty potato doughnuts.

Those are just a few to get your donut day tour around Colorado going... Happy National Donut Day! Speaking of Donuts... Have you tried Colorado's only Duck Donuts yet?

The Famous "Duck Donuts" 1st Colorado Location Is Finally Open

Here's a peek inside Colorado's First Duck Donuts Location.

This Awesome Colorado Hidden Gem Donut Shop Is "Off The Hook"

Ever heard of Landline Doughnuts? This cool, locally owned hidden gem donut shop in Longmont, Colorado was a real treat to find! An extremely cool vintage vibe, full of tasty treats, and vintage "landline" phones all over the shop. And yes, they work.

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