With all the breweries and distilleries you'll find around Fort Collins, here's another fun way to check them out. Forget about peddling, forget about Ubering everywhere; jump in a golf cart and relax.

it seems like the best of two worlds: the relaxation and fun of golf meeting the relaxation and fun of craft beers/distilleries. Don't be surprised to have the theme song to "Gilligan's Island" playing in your head while you're touring.

Imagine the looks you'll get, tooling around The Choice City in a golf cart, going from stop to stop.

A trip to visit Fort Collins includes a way to see the city's popular craft breweries and distilleries via golf carts, with a business that began in June of 2024, Hop Cart.

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Street legal state-of-the-art golf carts taking you around at 25 mph. It's completely legal and safe, as well as fun. Get your friends, or make new friends as you enjoy a three-hour tour.

Take 4 Different Tours in Fort Collins, Colorado on Golf Carts

Hop Cart Tours:

  • Classic: New Belgium, Odell, Equinox, Sweetwater.
  • New School:  New Belgium, Stodgy, Gilded Goat (Downtown,) Salt Road.
  • Stouts & Sours: New Belgium, Horse & Dragon, Funkwerks, Sweetwater.
  • Distilleries: CopperMuse, Gnebriated Gnome, The Reserve by Old Elk, MOBB Mountain.

How Much Does Hop Cart Cost in Fort Collins?

Generally, the tours, on one of their two Evolution Ranger D5 golf carts, are $60 per person, for a three-hour tour.

You can have a private cart tour for $300 for five people and they have memberships. Why not have a monthly get-together with friends?

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