This might be a conversation that you hear at Colorado grocery stores soon.

  • Did you get the eggs? Check.
  • What about the laundry detergent? Check.
  • We can not forget eggs again. Check.

Oh, we need to stop by the ammo vending machine on the way out.

It seems bizarre, but ammo vending machines are coming to Colorado.

The Company Bringing Ammo Vending Machines to Colorado

The ammunition company American Rounds debuted new ammo vending machines in three states.

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The ammo vending machines are in grocery stores. They announced that Colorado is the next state where they will install one of their vending machines.

Here is a video explaining how it works from American Rounds.

Checking Identification in Colorado


One of the first thoughts I had when I heard about this is how in the world is a vending machine going to be able to verify age and other requirements needed in order to buy ammunition.

You have to be at least 18 years old to buy ammunition. Will the vending machine be able to do this properly?

The vending machines will use ID scanners. Fox says that the scanners are the same ones used by the Transportation Security Administration when you go on a flight.

Additionally, there will be face scanners to verify the identity of the person purchasing the ammunition.

It is wild to think that you can not buy hard alcohol in grocery stores in Colorado, but you will be able to purchase ammunition soon.

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