Amazon is one of the biggest, if not the biggest online delivery companies in Colorado. Typically when you place an order, you assume whatever you just purchased is safe, but that isn't always how it works out.

Amazon Safety Recalls In Colorado

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The fact that there are three giant Amazon buildings (with one more massive facility on I-25 on the way) within 45 minutes of the radio station, it's clear that Colorado orders a ton of stuff from the popular online shopping behemoth.

Be it clothes, tools, electronics, etc., when you order things from a trusted name like Amazon, you're almost always assuming that the product will be as described, and safe. Guess that's why you should never assume...

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Warning: Amazon Safety Recalls On These Products, Affects Colorado

These items are sold on Amazon and all have recalls that could affect customers all over Colorado. If you've purchased any of the below items, these are the next steps to take to secure your safety with these potentially dangerous items.

Gallery Credit: Big Rob / Amazon

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