With every new year comes a ton of resolutions. Lose a few pounds, drink fewer drinks, and become a better person. For many, finding a new career — or even just something on the side to bring in some more cash — tops the list.

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We combed the world wide web looking for examples of jobs people do in Fort Collins, Colorado, and what their actual salaries are. Updated for 2024, here are some of the jobs that make the dough!

Here's what people in Fort Collins do for a living and how much they earn.

Reddit users weigh in on what they do for a living and what their annual compensation is for doing it.

Gallery Credit: Chris Kelly

Jobs Perfect for Stay At Home Moms to Make Some Extra Money

Whether your kids are home all day with you or not, there's something for everyone on this list. Stay at home moms right here in Northern Colorado are doing these jobs as we speak!

Gallery Credit: Chris Kelly

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