Another chain based out of California is on its way to take on the Colorado restaurant scene. If you like a good sandwich, a good salad, and blue cows, you're in luck.

With the amount of local "mom and pop" restaurants struggling to survive, it can be frustrating to hear about a California chain coming in. If they succeed, will it be meant with contempt or will Coloradans embrace the "west coast" vibe?

With 25 locations spread across Los Angeles, alone, should we have heard of these guys?

California-Based Sandwich/Salad Chain Coming to Colorado

Their mascot is a blue cow; Mendocino Farms is coming to Colorado to make us "happy." Their motto is "Eat Happy," which I think many of would agree is what we should do: Be happy when eating.

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To me, they seem similar to Panera, with sandwiches, salads and soups, in a casual setting; one difference:  You will find beer and wine at Mendocino Farms.

A few of their menu options do sound like they're from California:

  • Pink Lady Beets and Goat Cheese Salad
  • The Happy Hippie Sandwich
  • Spicy Curried Couscous

Mendocino Farms Coming to Denver Area

According to the Denver Post, not from the popular (and pricey) Cherry Creek Shopping Center will be the first Colorado location of Mendocino Farms. I wonder how they determined Cherry Creek would be a great place to start?

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Many restaurant chains, when coming into Colorado, often start out in Colorado Springs; Mendocino Farms choosing Cherry Creek does make them more accessible to those in Northern Colorado that may want to give them a shot.

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