When it comes to Colorado vacations or Colorado road trips, it's good to have a list handy of places you might want to visit. HGTV says a small town in southwest Colorado should be on that list.

The best part, is that this little town is very near a popular tourist destination; so you could knock out two things on one trip. Colorado has many great towns and cities to check out, including this one, just northeast of Durango.

Things do seem to run a bit slower once you get south of Colorado Springs; here comes a town that is definitely worth stopping at for a bite, a day, a weekend.

Southwestern Colorado Town Voted One of Nation's Most Charming

Six hours southwest of Denver you'll find the small town of Mancos. HGTV selected Mancos as one of America's 50 Most Charming Small Towns. Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you haven't. I can bet you that you're probably pronouncing it wrong.

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Mancos is about six minutes outside of the wonderful Mesa Verde National Park, which is a place that all Coloradans should visit at least once. Here comes the opportunity to see a great small town, too.

Why Does HGTV Like Mancos, Colorado?

HGTV says that in Mancos you'll find the "spirit of the West is alive and well," and where ranching is still a way of life. There are a lot of outdoor activities available, with many artists intown. It's also where the great author of western heritage, Louis L'Amour, once lived. That is, indeed, charming.

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You're Probably Saying 'Mancos' Wrong

Like a lot of people, I see the word Mancos and hear "Mane-COS;" that would appear to be incorrect. It's just like how a lot of people want to pronounce Loveland "Love-Land," when it fact it's just like how you pronounced Cleveland.

Mancos is pronounced: "Mane-kiss"

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