The new Buc-ee's is — as Frank Costanza and Cosmo Kramer once coined — "the place to be." Everyone from all over the state of Colorado and beyond is traveling to the mega travel stop off I-25 in Johnstown. Even many of our staff here at the radio station have gone down and paid a visit, mostly out of curiosity over what it's all about.


A man named Justin Wood—the self-proclaimed "#1 Juggler in New York"—is not allowed to visit our brand new, shiny Buc-ee's after being banned for life from all of their locations recently for bringing his service duck into a location in Tennessee.

Wood, who runs the viral "Wrinkle the Duck's" social media accounts with his pal, um, Wrinkle the Duck, posted a video where he had stopped by a location and took Wrinkle inside. The staff of the store obviously had many questions, the first of which Wood managed to diffuse by declaring Wrinkle as a service animal.

As their journey continued, another staff member stopped them and wasn't so quick to let him slide, saying that the duck needed to be harnessed with a leash of some sort, if in fact it was a legit service animal. That's where things derailed.

Wood pretended to leash Wrinkle, then took her out of the stroller she was in and let her walk around the store — much to the delight of other customers, for what it's worth.

Not so much for the Buc-ee's staff, as you can imagine.

Police were called and Wood received a lifetime ban from all Buc-ee's locations, including ours right here in Northern Colorado. So, if you were hoping to take your service duck into the Johnstown location, be advised, your duck must be on a leash. And at least wearing shoes, like Wrinkle.

At the very least, the video is worth a watch. It's an entertaining 20 minutes, if you're killing time at work.

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