A calzone is a gift for those who love the mozzarella cheese and bread combo. Sure, it's similar to pizza, but that is just another bonus.

Wikipedia technically describes the calzone as "an Italian oven-baked turnover, made with leavened dough" that got its start in Naples during the 18th century.

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D.P. Dough has been a Fort Collins, Colorado, favorite since 2001. Fans of D.P. Dough appreciate that they deliver until 3 a.m. on weekends and 2 a.m. most other nights. In a college town, that makes for a very popular choice.

D.P. Dough is a calzone chain with several locations in Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Arizona, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Louisiana, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, New York, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Connecticut. Honestly, I had no idea they were serving calzones across the country like that.

Locally, in Northern Colorado, D.P. Dough has signed on to open a new location at the Future Legends multi-sport complex in Windsor.

Future Legends is "a 118-acre sports complex designed to host guests for major sports tournaments, events, leagues, and more. This is an elite sports facility for players of all ages and skill levels." It will include a professional stadium, multiple baseball diamonds, multi-purpose fields, an indoor bubble sports arena, lodging, and retail.

Facebook/Future Legends
Facebook/Future Legends

Several restaurants and food options have been announced to be onsite besides D.P. Dough, including Biker Jim's gourmet hot dogs and Rolling Smoke BBQ.

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