There are tons of great hiking trails in Colorado, from those that are good for beginners to those that are extremely technical.

Going for a hike in Colorado is one of the greatest ways to enjoy the Colorado outdoors. You can hike out to go fishing, you can hike out to see a waterfall, you can hike out just to see all the beauty the state has. We're lucky, that way, to call Colorado home.

There are many lists of things to bring along on for a great Colorado hike, one thing isn't something that you buy.

Sure, you're going to take some water, you're going to wear the correct shoes, you're gong to bring a backpack with some food snacks.  You could spend a lot of time just preparing what you'll have on your person, but you could still be missing something.

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I'm not trying to say you should be "over cautious" when going for a hiking adventure in Colorado; but when I came across this thing that we all should have, I felt better having found out, and wanted to pass it on.

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I have a friend, he once headed out to hike Long's Peak; in sneakers, without even a jacket. He thought he'd be fine; by the time he and his friend made it back down, they were frozen and scared.

This is not about dressing properly, but it is about being prepared.

What Coloradans Should Know Before Going on a Hiking Adventure

It may seem silly, it may seem simple, but I believe not everybody is thinking about it. When hiking in Colorado, bring along the Knowledge on how to start a fire, correctly.

I came across this article on BangorDailyNews about a "skill and tiny tool that could save your life;" and I found it very informative and useful.

  • Know the key essentials to correctly starting a fire, in case you need to.
  • Bring along a pocket lighter, waterproof matches, or a flint & steel kit.
  • Bring with you some tinder to start the fire, such as dryer lint, or cotton balls soaked in Vaseline.

Sure, many hikes will not put you in a situation where you would need to start a fire; but, having that skill (and a couple of items to help,) you could be the smartest person on the trail.

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