By the time August of 2024 rolls around, there will be one less great pizza joint in Colorado. One that has had a great following but have made the hard choice to move on.

America's and Colorado's love of pizza has spawned hundreds of thousands of pizza shops to giving it their best shot. Running any small business, however, comes with many challenges; it's very hard to really succeed when it comes to chasing a dream.

This will be the second pizza shop to close its doors at the same location in the five years. Will the next business keep the big "Nelson's" sign?

Downtown Greeley, Colorado, Pizza Shop Closing Its Doors

For over 70 years in Downtown Greeley there stood Nelson's Office Supply. In 2015 a pizza shop, The Right Coast, came in; they liked the Nelson's sign, so they kept it. When Right Coast closed, the next pizza shop, Fusco Pizza also kept the sign.

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Fusco announced that they'll be ending their operations by the end of July, 2024; the fall of 2024 would have marked their 2nd anniversary. Again, running a small business, regardless of how much people love it, can be a challenge.

Many fans of Fusco responded to the news of the pending closure:

I’m so sad to hear this.. however I understand.. people need to support our downtown stores and restaurants more often! Onward and upward my friends!! At least we have time to still come in and get some famous Fusco Pizza before you close!!


Awe. We love you guys. Best gluten free pizza in town. Future Blessings.💖


Oh no!! So very sad! You guys are awesome!! How can this be??

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